The Covid Fraud Bureau of Investigations

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Report a politician, media personality, entrepreneur, celebrity that are pushing the Covid fraud or endorsing the Global Medical Experiment

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Name and shame those unions/organizations/employers that "require" their staff be vaccinated or lose their job

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We are recruiting more people Globally to help with the CFBI organisation, whether a ex intelligence or ex police , FBI or military, but private investigators, libertarians or concerned citizens who wish to volunteer their time to help report and investigate Covid fraudsters and vaccine extremists

Report Schools and Principals if they are mandating vaccines on innocent children for crimes against humanity.

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Report Parents who have, or are intending to vaccinate their children, to receive legal warnings, and face potential legal action, and possible manslaughter charges, if their child dies.

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Letters you can use to defend your rights

Send this to Doctors to cease and disist COVID vaccines

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